Eight Week Classes

Juggling four to five college courses at the same time isn’t for everyone – that’s why OTC created an eight-week schedule option for students. If you think you would benefit from taking fewer, more-intense courses, then OTC’s eight-week schedule might be for you.

When you follow OTC’s eight-week schedule, you can take two classes at once instead of four – while still remaining a full-time college student. You would complete four courses over the course of the 16-week semester, but you would do it by dividing them up so you only have to complete two college courses at a time – two in the first eight weeks and two in the second eight weeks.

All classes meet either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lecture classes are two hours and 40 minutes while labs are just one hour and 40 minutes.

Benefits of the eight-week format include:

  • You can concentrate on just a couple of courses at time.
  • You can still remain a full-time student (12 or more credit hours per semester).
  • Eight-week courses are clustered so you can avoid big gaps in your day between classes.
  • Except for a few labs, all classes are offered in ICW 240 on the OTC Springfield Campus.

Check out the eight-week seated course offerings on the Springfield campus for fall 2019 below.

Eight Week Course Block

A Block – August 19-October 11
Monday / Wednesday Time Room 
BIO 135 1A1 08:00-10:40 ICW 240
SOC 101 1A1 11:00-1:40 ICW 240
ENG 180 1A1 2:00-4:40 ICW 240
PLS 101 1A1 5:00-7:40 ICW 240
Tuesday/Thursday Time Room 
OTC 101 1A1 08:00-9:40 ICW 240
ENG 101 1A1 10:00-12:40 ICW 240
HST 130 1A1 1:00-3:40 ICW 240
ECO 270 1A1 4:00-6:40 ICW 240
Total Credits 23 credit hours
B Block – October 16-December 9
Monday / Wednesday Time Room 
ART 100 1B1 08:00-10:40 ICW 240
ENG 102 1B1 11:00-1:40 ICW 240
OTC 101 1B1 2:00-3:40 ICW 240
CHM 101 1B1 Lab 4:00-5:50 NKM 202
CHM 101 1B1 Lec 6:00-8:40 NKM 202
Tuesday/Thursday Time Room 
MTH 128 1B1 08:00-10:40 ICW 240
PHL 101 1B1 11:00-1:40 ICW 240
COM 100 1B1 2:00-4:40 ICW 240
PSY 110 1B1 5:00-7:40 ICW 240
Total Credits 24 credit hours